Spiral Spektra provides a series of services from planning, design, development, testing to deployment of the system to end customer. Besides, we also provide technical support, training and maintenance services to customer to maintain the operational of its manufacturing plant. A brief description of services offers are as follows

1) Planning/ System Study
---- Management of Change (MoC)
---- Problem Statement
---- Specification Requirement

2) Design
---- Solution for problem statement
---- Proof of Concept

3) Development
---- Engineering

4) Testing
---- Inhouse testing
---- Factory Acceptance Test

5) Deployment
---- Site Installation
---- Site Testing and Commissioning
---- Site Acceptance Test

6) Support
---- Technical support via phone, on site or remote

7) Training
---- Customized training to end user

8) Maintenance
---- Preventive Maintenance
---- Corrective Maintenance
---- Maintenance Analytical.

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Planning / System Study

All plant issues and problems result the initiation of Company Management of Change (MoC), the MOC is the best practice used to ensure all risks and hazards are properly controlled when an organization makes changes to their facilities, operation or personnel.

Customer may inform us of his/her problem statement that we could examine on existing system by carried out some system study. During the study, some specification requirement are noted down (e.g. Process requirement, handling requirement, spare parts requirement) to assist for the formulation of solutions.

From the evaluation, the proposed change can either be set for implementation, amended to make it safer or being rejected entirely.

Personnel should be informed about the changes and how to maintain in the new environment upon the implementation.

In this phase, Spiral Spektra as the solution provider can be part of the team on the examination of existing system and proposed the requirement for implementation of the MoC.


Upon finalization on the go or no go decision on the MoC, some design concepts will be drafted to identify requirement, scope of supply and work to be carried out by individual contractor. To some extent, some initial Proof of Concept work may be required to determine the feasibility on the implementation and identify the hazards or potential issue arises after the implementation.

Moving towards Digital Twins in Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), some simulation of the program can be executed to determined the cause and effect of the implementation.

At this phase, Spiral Spektra which owns a numbers of demo equipment can help customer to carried out some proof of concept on the philosophy required by the MoC before full implementation are carried out.


In the development phase, a series of engineering are executed such as follows:

A. Shop Drawings
---- Single Line Diagram
---- Schematic
---- General Arrangement

B. Engineering Lists
---- Cable List
---- I/Os List
---- Equipment Lists
---- Bill of Materials

C. Programming according to Function Design Specification (FDS)
---- PLC Programming
---- HMI Programming
---- Device Programming (VSD, Softstarter, Protection Relays, Meters)

Spiral Spektra do provide support from engineering drawings using ePLAN to programming of PLC, HMI, VSDs and all control components. There are 2 collaboration scenario can be executed which Spiral Spektra can either to provide engineering support for customer to award to their preferred in house contractor, or as a complete solution provided for all solution proposed.


Once the engineering development has been complete, a series of inhouse testing will be carried out to ensure the function design specification, loop holes or software bugs will be rectified throughout the testing to conform to its functionality.

Upon successful inhouse testing, customer will be invited for witnessing the testing as Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), this is to ensure all components and program supplied meets customer expectation and requirement.

Spiral Spektra provides types of routine testing document during the testing phase of the project / MoC.


After successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), punch list clearance will be executed following by packing of the system to be deliver to site.

Site installation and inspection will be carried out during this phase. If required, actual site testing and commissioning will be executed to ensure all device are functioning practically.

Site coordination work with others contractor and system vendor are carried out to ensure smooth integration among all parties.

Upon successful site testing and commissioning, a series of Site Acceptance Test will be carried out with the witness of client and consultant to ensure all work requirement are met.

Spiral Spektra has experience teams in handling site coordination, including of site installation, testing and commissioning. If required, a series of method statement, Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC) can be produce to ensure all site work are carried out safely.


Support is important and is part of the core components to ensure customer are familiar with the system upon implementation of the MoC.

Technical support are also provided to customer to assist them to identify the root cause of the problem to resume their production.

Spiral Spektra do offers few technical support either via phone, on site or remotely depends on the severity of the issue.

With the advancement in IT technology, remote services has become more and more important as the support can be initiated immediately without requirement to travel to site. This help customer to save some time.

Unfortunately, remote support are currently limited to software troubleshooting and concern on security breach such as attack by hacker.


Training are becoming more and more crucial in an operation plant as to ensure its maintenance teams are well equipped with the knowledge of the product or system used in their plant.

Unfortunately, customer are facing issue in maintaining its employees after providing them with the proper product training as they get a better offer after they completed the training.

Majority of the training programm offered covers complete product information, which in particular to customer requirement, only 40% of the information are required.

Looking into the scenario, Spiral Spektra can assist customer to cope with such dilemma by providing customized training where the training are formulated specifically to the plant requirement. With such a formulated training, the training can be shorten to ensure employee availability at the plant, furthermore, it can be repeatly used to trains new comers.

Spiral Spektra offers numbers of product demo case which can be used during the training in order to let participant to perform some practical exercises.


Maintenance are also an important part of a operation life cycle for a plant. It ensures the plant operation at its peak by reducing unnecessary downtime.

By performing regular preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance can be minimized to the lowest level which ensure higher plant availability.

With implementation of plant integrity management system, it ensures customer to have tools, competence and resources throughout the asset lifecycle.

Plant maintenance software also enables customer to manage integrity risk for production and processing assets by optimizing inspections, monitoring and maintenance. It provides some maintenance analytics to identify major breakdown root cause where planning can be carried out in advanced before catastrophe occurred.

Spiral Spektra provide series of maintenance services to customer to ensure higher plant availability. Drop us an email if you need more info.

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