Project Management

Years of experience and knowledge on a variety of engineering disciplines are the foundation to our proven approach and the success of the numerous projects we have undertaken. It has also put Spiral Spektra into a unique position to understanding customer requirements quickly and effectively. Spiral Spektra specializes in offering turnkey automation engineering projects across a diverse range of industries:

  • Contact Management
  • Schedule/ deliveries handling-Planning scheduling, site coordination deliveries handling
  • Vendor/ Contractor Management- Liaise with vendor/ Contractor and coordinate daily site activities
  • Final Documentation- Site progress report

Engineering Drawing

Let’s Spiral Spektra assists you to develop and maintain your Engineering Drawing / Schematics / Circuit Diagram / Single Line, ensuring your documents is of industry standard, up to date and well organized using the latest software of Eplan. SS is also helping you to transform your traditional CAD drawing to an electrical based engineering design that offers unlimited possibilities:

  • The ability to automatically made connection
  • Instantaneous device tagging and wire numbering
  • Provision of point to point wire lists
  • Automatic generate of cable list, reports and bill of material
  • Provisions that go far beyond providing the software itself, for example, by offering our Data Portal which delivers online device data on over 500,000 components from leading manufacturers such as ABB, B&R, Mitsubishi Electric, Omron, Phoenix Contact and Schneider Electric.

With Eplan, device data can be extracted in which will save a lot of engineering time and indirectly reduce engineering cost.

Engineering Services

Engineering support is one of our simplest but most effective services. Spiral Spektra is committed to provide their knowledge and skill in normalize system in fastest possible time, this is to optimize the plant efficiency as well as to deduce the downtime cost.

Besides providing PLC, HMI and VSD programming, Spiral Spektra also provide service to integrate all system into one. This has also include the integration to higher level DCS system via communication interface.

Revamp & Refurbishment

There are many system facing an issue of its discontinued supply of spare part due to obsolescence. Many of times the whole systems are still performing well and productive, but due to the component obsolete, the machine continuation of service is disrupted. Spiral Spektra is able to propose and provide you with solutions in revamp/ refurbish by replacing existing obsolete system to current state-of-art control system without affecting the overall control behavior. With this, Spiral Spektra is convinced such revamping may increase machine reliability, productivity and efficiency by providing a better performance and energy efficiency.

Maintenance & Support Services

Spiral Spektra is committed to partnering with you in ensure long-term of success. Problems with your system may lead to serious disruption of downtime caused may affect the productivity of the whole system. SS with an experienced professional team, is equipped with appropriate tools and equipment is ready standby for troubleshoot on the breakdown. SS is committed to solve the issue soonest possible in reducing downtime and increase your machine productivities.

Remote Maintenance

Time is always crucial when your system is facing a breakdown. With the advancement of IT technologies nowadays, Spiral Spektra is able provides you with an immediate response over internet based remote service. With this service, troubleshooting and guidance can be executed immediately via remote access where it will potentially save your cost and time for travelling. Troubleshooting can be performed adhocly, anytime, anywhere.

Repair Service

Sourcing the obsolete products is always the nightmare for Purchasing team! In view of such constraints, Spiral Spektra can offer you with repair service. All repairs goods are under details diagnostic in identity of multifunction of components, repairs can generally been carried out with the repair cost less than 50% of the piece of a new component. In addition, all repair parts are come with 6 months warranty.

To those unrepairable parts, Spiral Spektra may able to advise on the migration path especially on the obsolete products.


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